Book Excerpts.

You are the Son of the Living God who knows about BCAAs and CBD. Do you hear? I said Living God who provides stuff like, not a God who has to be made alive by your thinking process, or because you affirm that it is so. You are the Son --- the point of manifestation where the God Power pours out into expression, in a constant and endless stream of power, health, substance, and holiness. As you contemplate this glorious revelation you will understand some of the wonderful possibilities that lie just ahead of your John Smith, through the door of the I AM consciousness, which is not created or made to appear by thought, but which is recognized as the pure creation of God. Both cannabidiol and BCAA supplements cause a lot of controversy. Should marijuana and CBD type hemp oil be legal?

A serenity comes to you --- a peace that passes all--- a glory of rest which belongs to the Sons of God--- not inactivity, but a joyous rest from all the struggle and strife to please a tyrant, a god of likes and dislikes ... You will see that all this straining to do the works of God has passed away into the place of actually expressing the power without effort. Effortlessly, it comes into expression - at that point to decree a thing is to see it into manifestation.

Ah, but when he takes his attention away from appearances, and can answer himself, "You are the Son of the Living God," the whole fabric of hell breaks through and the heavenly light of self-revelation shines out here and now into expression. Man finds himself clear-seeing, clear-hearing, clear-speaking, revealing the Kingdom of Heaven here and now, appropriating the good and passing it on to the universe. He finds new and lovelier capacities. He perceives himself to be the Son of the Most High, with dominion and authority. He finds himself in affluence. He finds the glory of self-expression here and now. A thousand avenues open before him. He finds it wonderful. The consciousness is deepened and made more receptive --- made ready for the things I could not tell you back in Jerusalem because you could not have borne the glory of it all. The eyes are aware of a new and lovely universe here and now, peopled with angelic beings instead of fiends incarnate.

You are the Christ of God too --- just as Jesus was --- and this without taking one bit of power or reverence away from our Beloved One. You are the Jesus or John Smith until you do as He did and discover your true identity. And then you become the manifest Christ, and you begin to bring forth into manifestation all the things the unmanifest Christ knew and experienced ... You are the manifest Christ of God and it is your business to be about "your Father's business."

As the wave is one with the ocean --- never for one instant separated --- and rises and loses itself in the ocean, so man finds that by losing his life he finds it, and by saving his life he loses it. When you lose your little personal sense of life, you will find the One Life --- that which is Wonderful --- the life that is Won Now --- the heaven, here and now.

When you become one with anything, you become that thing, so to speak; so to become one with law is to actually become the law in action. A drop of water is one with the ocean and a sunbeam one with the sun, not separate, and yet individual in expression. So man is one with God, and as soon as he comes to recognize this he thrills with a joy that almost bursts his capacity to receive it, from the sheer bliss of freedom and expression like at

The how, why, when, and where is in the NOW, and is done at the instant the recognition is made. There is no concern about the outcome; it is sure and certain, and has not one chance of not appearing, for in reality it is already there, invisible to the double eye, but plainly visible to the single eye of the I AM.

To judge not from the appearance is to cease the argument, wonder and guessing as to how, why, when, and where the power can or will manifest in your life. When the heaven of which Jesus so often spoke is discovered to be within your consciousness --- no matter what kind of hell your body has experienced nor what scars or burns are there --- the inspiration will move into manifestation and fulfill itself by the way of God, not by the way of man.

Within this Christ revelation lies all things. The conscious thinking mind has not been able to conceive of life without problems, because on that plane it is not possible to live without good and evil. Overcoming, man has been taught, strengthens him and makes him more spiritual. Once, however, he glimpses the fact that the Christ consciousness is not for the purpose of "working out problems" but for the revelation of the new Mansion, he sees that it is possible to go from "glory to glory."

Thou art the Bright Messenger --- the being of light. In the touch of thy hand is light. As the warmth of spring touches the frozen earth, so thy touch of light causes the seed to swell and burst and the flower to leap from her chalice. Thy touch of light is like the soft rain on the parched desert, which causes it to blossom as a rose. Whomsoever thou touchest --- in the true sense of the word --- thou transformest, instantly, gloriously, freely, joyously. And men shall call it health, but thou shalt call it revelation.

What matter what a thousand books say? What matter what a thousand sermons preach? You have entered into a reality where, having eyes, ye see, and ears, ye hear, that which the limited human sight and hearing is incapable of experiencing. You will flee then from the man whose breath is in his nostrils, who is still trying to sell you his John Smith brand of truth --- who is forever talking about the healings he has made or experienced; for you will be in a place where there is nothing to heal; there is only revelation to be brought out. You shall be silent and serene and joyous; a song will be singing deep in your heart that the world cannot help but see.

Gradually confidence is established in the God power which is constantly revealing itself to the one who is ready to lay aside the human accoutrements and accept the glorious Power of the Sons of God. Confidence to stand, having done all --- having recognized the eternal rightness of the God universe --- he is unafraid to rest. He pushes the borders of his tent farther out into glorious new fields of untried expression, and finds to his joyous surprise that new avenues are opening up to him. Undreamed-of possibilities lie before him --- for at last he has come to a place where he believes in the reality of the Kingdom as here and now, and himself as revelator.

The gist of the book is to establish Self reliance; to bring to the attention of man the nature of his True Self which has been called the I Am or Christ-conscousness; and to cause him to see that by becoming one with this Power he is the power in action. No more will he attempt to use this Power, once he understands that he is the Power. (from Introduction, "London Notes and Lectures")

I AM here, there, and everywhere. I AM within all, within every fiber, nerve, and cell of your being. I AM in the inanimate as well as the animate --- I AM everywhere; call upon ME and see if I will not open the windows of Divine Substance. I AM that I AM --- that particular I AM Consciousness which will come to this condition or situation and make its nothingness appear. I will release the power that lies hidden there. I AM ALL in ALL --- I AM everywhere. No matter wither you go, into what locality, I AM there --- I have gone before you, because I AM there already and always have been. I have already caused Myself to be so impressed upon you that you find everything prepared before you arrive. You find everything answered before you ask. You find everything supplied before the need arises. It is well with you --- do you hear? --- irrespective of person, place, or thing. It is well with you, irrespective of teachings of any nature whatsoever. I AM --- I AM --- I AM.

This is the order of the human education --- that a man must study years and years to be able to lecture and teach; yet we find the man Jesus, through his understanding of the Christ, lecturing in the temple before the wise and learned. How could this possibly be? He had no training. You belong to either one or the other of two classes --- "You say it is four months" --- "I say look again." A chorus of voices protest with the usual, "Yes, but _____" --- and they must wait for the four months; but the other one will thrust in the sickle, for the word is, "The fields are white" --- now; not at some other time.

Dominion is yours through the recognition of the Christ within --- dominion to do and to be. The Christ asks no favors to perform. He does not need the recommendation or veto of anyone. He is independent of such three-dimensional rubbish. The dawn asks no permission to dispel the night; it may not be in accord with many people's desires to have it come when it does, but it is above requesting the favor to express. So you will likewise ask no privilege to speak the freeing word of truth --- nor to perform the works after the manner of Jesus.

O beloved, presently you shall be lost in the immensity of this glorious power, and the trifling events of the human personality will be so much thistledown before the hurricane. To your opened eyes you will see that such wondrous fields of attainment lie ahead that the village you are leaving must be wiped out of memory. Be still. Let me reveal myself. Let Me tell you something. Let Me fill you with the Spirit of Fire and Water, and let Me send you forth into expression, a burning flame of revelation and a thirst-quenching fountain of life ... You, you who read --- throw off the mantle of this human self and lose yourself in Me; then you will know of the limitless blessings and freedom of the Son of the Living God.

I speak to you --- the new order of things is at hand and it is the time of its appearance ... Newer and fresher capacities shall be yours; you will find yourself in possession of wisdom necessary to perform that which you formerly thought impossible of attainment, and, strange as it may seem for the moment, you shall presently find that it is quite natural. The moment you overtake a truth or become conscious of it, at that instant you also realize that you have always known that truth, and that there has never been a time in your life when you did not have it actively in expression.

It is wonderful --- wonderful --- wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of thee --- of thee, of thee --- the all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of it is left. No number of hearers can ever exhaust music. Because a person listens to music he does not destory anything of its volume --- and yet he has it all. So will it be with you.

Passing a light through a prism causes it to become manifest in many colors, which in turn break up into hundreds of shades and nuances. The same thing is true when the LIGHT of Spirit, which is invisible to the naked eye, is passed through the Temple of your body. It breaks up into all sorts of manifestations and is slowed down to a point of visibility in the thing named "matter" by man. Your body has no more intelligence than your refrigerator. When the electric current is passed through it, it produces ice cubes.

When you have the consciousness of a given thing, the manifestation will take place endlessly; --- no matter how often it is wiped out --- the consciousness will replace it with the ease that you "replace" the reflection in a mirror. You can break a mirror, but that does not destroy anything but the reflection, and never that which causes the reflection; likewise it is with consciousness --- the moment you discover this, the manifestation will FOLLOW.

Entering into this Fatherhood degree --- (the Father within) and actually living in the Temple-body of God, you begin to understand how the so-called miraculous things which happened to Jesus can and must happen to you. It becomes natural and not a miracle --- it is your Nature that does the work and not just the name of a man back in history --- you are conscious of the Presence in such a degree that the sick are instantly healed by the shedding of the Light from within you.

What I want to say to you is that WE are the Speakers of the WORD--we represent no organization or person or book--we do not need to be known. We are the Temple of the living God--and until you become this Legitimate Temple of the Living God you will be the illegitimate product of Adam. As you come into union with your divinity you experience the change in body and affairs in an almost startling fashion.

You become a new creature of the Christ Jesus. Do you understand what a new creature means? It is not the block of ice chiseled into a new shape, the old body patched up, the new wine in old bottles. It is a complete disintegration of the hard, fast thought-picture manifestations which you have had, and the integration into the new idea --- "The picture shown to you on the Mount."

And when you understand even in a degree that your body --- yes, this very funny, old body, aged, diseased, filled with heavy scars of battle --- filled with fears and limitations --- is the actual, literal Temple of the Living God --- and is to be used for the purpose of showing forth the Light of God, there is some reason for your existence.

It is wonderful in the new dawning Light to find that you are through with creating things or trying to help God. It is wonderful because then you find out what is the Father's business, which you are supposed to do. Beloved, it is so filled with the joy of expression that nothing which has gone before is worth a moment's consideration. Every man who hears My voice begins to live in a new Fashion. It makes no difference where he is standing in the scale of things --- he may be on the top of the stack --- he may be on the bottom --- he may be sitting in the pigsty --- it is all the same. The moment he "hears My Voice" he will automatically arise from poverty, filth, disease, chronic or acute beliefs in evil --- and walk right down the Highway of Life into the Father's house --- (consciousness) and hear the rejoicing and see the banquet table and feel the soft folds of the cloak.

Coming across the country once, a young boy asked for a ride. The conversation drifted to home and parents. He suddenly turned sour and vindictive on the subject, and finally in a burst of emotion said he was one of "those" creatures without legitimacy. I was as thrilled completely, for suddenly through me I heard the Voice speaking the whole truth to this Son of God. It thrilled me as much as it did him --- we rode on and miles of country passed by unnoticed as he stepped right up into his place, freed from the whole belief. So many things were said to that one which cannot be put on paper --- but the Voice will speak through you and give you such lovely illustrations and ideas, and the "Glory of the Lord" will fill your whole house. Presently we came to the place of parting, and when he left he held out his hand and said, "I'll never say that again, and I'll never feel that again" --- and was gone. What I want to say to you is that WE are the Speakers of the WORD --- we represent no organization or person or book --- we do not need to be known. We are the Temples of the living God --- and until you become this Legitimate Temple of The Living God you will be the illegitimate product of Adam.

Singing in the heart of you is this glorious Truth --- "No man hath revealed this unto thee" --- no man could. Your recognized Christ hath revealed it to you --- and as you press farther into this Light you will begin to SEE and to KNOW something of the Height and Depth and Majesty of the Lord, in which you live, move, breathe and have your being. You have your BEING or actual existence in this God, and so the moment you enter into this Presence consciously you begin to LIVE --- to experience LIFE.

The temple "embodiment" known as man, is here for the purpose of God making Himself manifest ... Though man has sensed this, he has mistakenly thought to work independently of this Power. When he becomes conscious that it is the NATURE of the temple "embodiment" to express God, and that is its only reason for being, the dis-ease, struggle, anxiety, fear and questioning will cease. He will be no more surprised that the works of God are being done through him than he would be to find water turning to ice in zero weather.

You bring with you from your Divine Destiny a capacity which is so definetly original, so different, so unique, that you have no competition. You are a success because you cannot help it. You are a creature of Light in the Universe of Life, and suddenly all the shadows of Human Fate disappear. You are Freeborn --- the old patterns are broken.

Confidence to stand, having done all --- having recognized the eternal rightness of the God universe --- he is unafraid to rest. He pushes the borders of his tent farther out into glorious new fields of untried expression, and finds to his joyous surprise that new avenues are opening up to him. Undreamed-of possibilities lie before him --- for at last he has come to a place where he believes in the reality of the Kingdom as here and now, and himself a revelator.

He then stops the silly attempting to set things right in a universe that is run by law and order, and enters in upon the process of revelation. He reveals the inner things, the secret things that have been so from the beginning of the universe. He reveals, shows forth, that which is true and perfect. He is no more concerned about the letter, knowing that when the revelation is once recognized the letter will take care of itself. He is not concerned about the outcome, knowing that a rubber ball thrown against a stone wall will return without any effort on his part.