Lecture Excerpts.

"You have let the motion of yourself go into the One Motion. As running water never tires, the Motion never tires. So, does it continue on its wonderful course."

"This power of God operates you instead of you operating it. This does not make you an automaton (robot). It makes you a point of expression ... so wonderful ... of a power that nothing is impossible to it."

"This is not something secret you learned in a church. This is not some silly stuff that has come down to us from a crowd of people who have gotten together with the idea of making this a personal thing and stamping it with a man's name. This is revelation."

"Everything that is effective in this life is present tense and first person."

"You are blessed. And you are a blessing to all with whom you come in contact. It is automatic. They touch you ... they come near you ... they hear you ... they see you. You are it. You are that blessing that descends. There is the increase, the automatic increase."

"Your house is the house of the Lord. And there's never a thing lacking in that house. Or else everything is lacking. And when you know that law --- that is a law --- you will find everything in your house. I don't care what it is, that is a law. I'm not talking symbolically, I'm talking about a reality. It will always be there. There will always be the abundance. It will pour through everything. The over abundance. It is pressed down, shaken together, and running over."

"You are a hopeless success from the standpoint of spiritual. You can't do anything when you're working from this angle that will not turn into success. It's not a matter of whether the world wants it or not. You are a person that has no competition, because you are sent of God."

"Jesus couldn't do anything, and so don't think you're going to do very much. He said, "I can't do a thing." And that took away all the idea that you could sit down and make God do your bidding. So many people are still playing on that note that they think by saying words or affirmations or holding a thought or something like that, they're going to control this great Power. Think of a butterfly dashing around out in the sun. It's controlled by a principle. Imagine you sitting in your office controlling that magnificent thing out there. That universal power. Imagine then that you by holding a thought or by doing something that you can control this Magnificent Power. You can make nothing but discovery."

"I know you cannot teach the Word of God. It must be given and you must hear it and no matter how many courses you may have in what seminaries, with what learned theologians you've studied, what time you have spent in silence and everything else, unless you do one simple thing that a child can do, you can't have it. And that single thing is you HEAR. By hearing, I mean you HEAR. Not hear."

"You are going to be glad to let it flow through you. You're going to have the integrity to do whatsoever you're told. And you can do it. And you can heal the sick ... and raise the dead ... and open the eyes of the blind. All these things. It comes through you. When you walk in the light you cast a shadow. Do you? Do you do anything? You say you cast a shadow. You don't do a thing, do you? And you can never get rid of it. The minute you step into the Light, manifestation takes place. There's nothing else (that) can happen."

"It is time that this thing (Life) comes into being as something natural and not as something you have to work with all the time. It is an assumption. You become conditioned to it. I'm conditioned as a speaker. I will go anywhere in the world, and I can get a crowd. The crowd is within me. It's in my consciousness. It will come out ... can't help it. It is automatic. I do nothing about it. I wouldn't turn my hand over for it. I wouldn't do one bit of publicity for it. Well, why? That is something I'm conditioned to --- do you understand? Well ... why don't you get a little bit conditioned to this thing of Life?"

"I want to impress upon you and everybody the simplicity of this thing called Truth. It is not a new thing. It is not a new-fangled thing. It is not something that was invented in the 19th or 18th century. It is Life. It is a Life-substance. A person who has never read a book is just as eligible to have it manifest through him as the person who has read every book in the world on the subject. The simplicity is so great that it stuns people, because they have been taught that this is a system. I have to learn a system. I have to learn this one or that one or some other degree. And so, until I know how to do that thing ... manipulate that thing ... I will be unable to do it. Well, the trouble with most of it is they've been trying to man-handle God. And they're finding out it isn't a very easy job to do."

"It must operate through you and the more you begin to recognize the more you become one with it. And then you experience a free oneness. You move, live, breathe and have your being in this power that at the same time, it moves, lives, breathes and has it's being within you. It is magnificent."

"When you are first conscious of your alphabet, you have to seek for all the letters when you spell a word ... and later you begin to speak in words and phrases and sentences and pretty soon paragraphs. And then you can read and read and read ... and you have forgotten all about your alphabet. You are unconscious of it. You don't keep running through your mind the ABCs. But now you are freed into words and phrases and expressions."

"This is the Kingdom of Heaven. So beautiful. When I drove down this morning, I thought ... hmmm. God, is there any question about this being heaven? I drove down along the coastline this morning and I ... (voice trails off). There is not a bit of doubt that this is literally, actually, and physically and spiritually and mentally the Kingdom of Heaven! I'm not going anywhere! At last, after all these years of trying to make something ..."

"I have nothing to sell you. I do not want you for a follower. I am sent as you are sent, and we met at the crossroads, right here, for the purpose of agreement. If you don't take it, it's too bad. That's all I can say to you."

"Anyone who thinks he can demonstrate God is mistaken. But how you can help it, I don't know."

"I can speak to you through ANYTHING. Now you can go ... you're alright. I don't have to have a preacher or a lecturer or a teacher ... anything else. I can speak to you through anything. But, the question is, can you hear Me? When I say to you a certain thing, through a man that doesn't know one thing about you, you say, "What does he know about?" He doesn't know anything. But the Voice has spoken. If you can hear it, you can hear it. If you can't, you can't. And you'd be surprised to know when you begin to hear how I speak to you through anything ... and how it takes shape and form and you find something happening in your life."

"I don't know whether you want the truth or you just want a lot of sop that says all you have to do is say some sweet words and say them over often enough and God will give you all the money you want. He won't give you a thing; you have to take it. And you can't take it until you can take it. And when you begin to see why you can't help taking it, you will take it. You will begin to see that you are a point, or a lump of substance, or whatever you choose to call yourself, a temple, through which the power comes."

"You may argue and you may want proof. You cannot have proof. In this, proof follows. It does not precede. In the human mind proof has to come first and then you will follow, but in the teaching of Jesus Christ the absolute belief and faith is first fully established before it can take place on the outside."

"It is something that must be heard. When the Voice says, "Rise and walk", you either rise and walk or you don't. And what is it that rises and walks? And how is it you rise and walk? Because you have heard. If you have not heard, you begin explaining how impossible it is to do."

"And it may be so gradual that you're not conscious of it until one day you find yourself away out in the calm, open seas ... where it doesn't exist anymore. We are just beginning on the most fabulous voyage that's ever been made for you. It is the voyage of Self discovery. You are beginning to discover who you are and what you are."

"And one day you're going to hear it from some body. I don't care through what body it comes ... doesn't have to come through this body ... it'll come through some body, and you'll say "Oh my God is that what it is?". It's just a believing there's something bigger than you are in the universe ... something bigger than your little mind ... something bigger than your intellection and your earning capacity ... and something so magnificent that you will be able to SEE because all the greed has been drained out of you. You're not greedy anymore so you can have everything you want. Can you hear me?"

Special excerpt from: The Space In Between